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The Forgotten Ones is the Missions arm of WWC Ministries. We believe that the Lord’s command to make disciples of all nations is our mandate. The Lord has called us, first, to fulfill the mission to Haiti.  We also support missions in Guatemala, and domestic missions to the Native Americans through financial and prayer support.  WWC Ministries comes along side those who are doing the work of missions. Here are our missionaries.

Who are The Forgotten Ones?

Who are The Forgotten Ones?

Ulysse Dieu Jean-Ronald

Jean gave his life to Christ under Pastor Edner’s ministry. He is a husband and father of three small children and is currently in college (the equivalent of 12th grade here). In addition to school he is currently working as the principal of the church’s elementary school as well as the administrator of the church.

The school currently has 85 students but had as many as 120 in 6 grades. His passion is to see the school grow, but the main issue has been lack of funding. He has frequently gone without any pay in order to pay his teachers something. The school lacks funding to procure and keep good, qualified teachers, obtain textbooks and teaching supplies, and improve the classrooms.

Rarely has the kind of commitment or passion for teaching children been so evident as in this young man. He has sacrificed to bring education to the children of the mountain. This school is the only evangelical school in the area that brings the saving message of Jesus to children and parents.

Pastor Edner Blanc

Pastor Edner is a man wholly sold out to Jesus Christ. He has been teaching at a Bible College in Port au Prince since the 1980s and has trained hundreds of pastors from all over Haiti. Pastor is fluent in Creole, French and English, and is also a sought-after translator, having translated for many well-known ministers of the Gospel when they are in Haiti. He has been offered lucrative pastoring positions both in Haiti and Florida, but his commitment to Robin and the mountain have caused him to turn them all down for the sake of his call to this severely impoverished area. He is truly a missionary in his own country.

His wife and two sons have spent their lives on the mountain, and now that his youngest son is in college, Pastor Edner and his wife, Asala continue to parent the many fatherless children there, taking in, feeding, raising and educating what is dozens of them in their home. Daily they feed at least a dozen children from the area who would otherwise be hungry. Many sleep in their home. Edner and Asala receive no support for this work, instead paying for these costs from their own pockets.

Pastor Edner pastors a church of about 500 people, some of whom walk for up to two hours to attend Sunday services. He has pioneered and oversees about a dozen other congregations and a total of three schools in the mountains surrounding Kenscoff and Robin.

Pastor Edner’s Vision:

A great school of quality

2. A trade or professional school

A hospital for the mountain

A Leader’s Program for transformation for the leaders of the mountain

Help for widows with no husband (Single mothers)

Rolveve Aurelus

Rolveve gave his life to Jesus Christ at the age of 17 through Pastor Edner’s ministry and was baptized there. Rolveve, who is a certified math teacher and engineer, also graduated Bible college and is now Pastor Edner’s deacon in the church there. He is 41 years old.

He has a passion for the many widows and orphans in the church, and is praying for both a technical school and a medical clinic on the mountain. He would also love to see a micro-loan program to be set up on the mountain to enable small business formation for these widows so they can become self-supporting.

Rolveve is an awesome man of God and is an integral part of the church there. The people of the mountain have come to respect him, and he fully supports Pastor Edner’s vision for the transformation of Robin and the entire mountain community. He is asking for prayer support to see God’s plans for the mountain come to fruition.

Walking With Christ (WWC)
Mission: Guatemala

Mission: Guatemala

Nancy Henson

Nancy Henson is a long-time friend of WWC ministries who has been serving the Peten region of Guatemala.  Nancy, a registered nurse, felt the call to locate permanently in this region after serving several years with Barb on short-term medical mission trips to various countries.  Nancy’s journey of faith has led her to several countries as she pursued God’s will, including Chile, Russia, China, and Nicaragua, but she felt God’s leading to sell all she had and permanently move to Guatemala over ten years ago.

During her tenure there she has brought water filters, medical care and high-protein nutrition programs to the remote villages in northern Guatemala.  Recently, however, she has begun to work with the education department in bringing education about sex trafficking to the region--the first such educational program to be offered there.  The issue of sex trafficking has been a growing, pernicious spiritual infection there.  Nancy is taking her mandate seriously and helping to rescue children from a life of horror.  Your prayers and financial support will change lives there.


Ivan and Linda Doxtator are Native American ministers who work in professional counseling, teaching and spiritual warfare all over North America. For more information please follow their link, below:


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The Forgotten Ones

The Mission arm of WWC Ministries, serves missionaries who work in areas where no one else goes. These warriors sacrifice much to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to those whom the rest of the world has forgotten.